Travel advices

One can get to Toruń by train or bus from one of the airports in Poland.

Scenario for a trip from the Warsaw airport to Toruń.

  1. In Warsaw. Get on a train (SKM - Szybka Kolej Miejska = Fast Urban Railway) connecting the Warsaw Chopin Airport with the West Railway Station 'Warszawa Zachodnia'. Check train-lotnisko for a detailed information. Tickets can be bought at 'kiosk' (newspaper shop) or in the SKM automaton. One has to be aware that the SKM ticket automaton may be signed as ZTM. Moreover, it can be hard to spot a timetable or a ticket automaton - you shall find them at the entrance to platforms. Do not forget to validate an SKM ticket in the train.
  2. From Warsaw to Toruń. Get on a direct train connection from the station 'Warszawa Zachodnia' to the station 'Toruń Główny' (marked as C on the map below). Check here for timetables.
  3. In Toruń. The final part of your journey can be travelled by a city bus MZK Toruń. One simply hops on either the line 22 or 27 nearby the railway/bus station and hops off on the bus stop 'Plac Rapackiego'. Now you are in the city center close to the Faculty (A) and your accomodation place. Check here or here for timetables. The tickets for buses can be bought onboard (at the driver or in an automaton), via your smartphone or at one of the small newspaper shops called 'kiosk'. The standard ticket price (fare) in Toruń is 2.80 PLN. If not the luggage, you could even walk from the station (C or D) to the city center and the accommodation place.

Bon voyage!

1. When arranging a taxi we suggest to use only trusted companies placing an order by phone. For your convenience we provide some examples of taxi companies: Toruń +48 56 19 194 (Zrzeszenie), +48 56 19 192 (Copernicus) || Warsaw +48 22 646 46 46 (Grosik), +48 22 644 44 44 (Sawa), +48 22 811 11 11 (Ele). Please note that we do not have any agreement with these companies.

2. If you plan to buy a ticket in an automaton or at the driver/ticket controller (train, bus, station), please get ready an exact change (coins). Often you can change a banknote at 'kiosk' (newspaper shop). Do not forget to validate/stamp the ticket. You buy a ticket at the driver/controller for an extra fee.

3. There are roadworks nearby Hotel Uniwersytecki in Toruń. The route (Szosa Chełmińska) connecting the OldTown/Toruń center with Hotel Uniwersytecki does not let a direct access to the Hotel. The Hotel is hardly accessible by cars and the location of a bus stop has been changed. You may like to walk from Hotel Uniwersytecki (H) to the Faculty (A) - approx. time 30 min.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.




A - Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (place of the conference)
B - Artus Court (place of the banquet)
C - Train Main Station
D - Bus Main Station
E - Student Dormitory DS6
F - Hotel B&B
G - Hotel IBIS Budget

K - Hotel POD OR£EM
- Student Dormitory DS10